The Requirements :

For America’s favorite ethnic grocery store, it was important to find an agency that was able to understand their target audience. Their marketing had to focus simultaneously on crafting their brand while creating marketing avenues for local stores that cater to their customers.

The Strategy :

We created two separate overlapping strategies. First, we created and executed a content marketing strategy that developed content assets for their national brand while optimizing local marketing efforts. Then we scaled those efforts nationally with a system that made it easy for local store owners to opt-in and reap the benefits.

The Challenge :

Patel Brothers may be a national chain but their local stores are known for maintaining a friendly neighborhood touch — thus we had to create a strategy which empowered instead of alienating local stores.

The Solution :

We listened to the customers! We noticed that past strategies failed to adapt to the modern consumer. We segmented their audience into two primary user groups and created tailored content and promotions for each segment. The result? A solution that empowered local store owners while further establishing the national brand.


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