5 Important Lessons from Creating 50+ Tasty-Style Video Recipes

In this article, we will explain five of the most important lessons we have learned from creating over 50 Tasty-Style Recipe Videos. This article can be applied to any type of video with...

Content Marketing 101

In this blog, we’ll take the time to zoom out, and to re-examine what exactly we do as content creators and, more importantly, why we do it. Along the way, we’ll share some guiding principles of content marketing and how...

Symmetry in Design & Physics

We grow up thinking that the meaning of symmetry is purely geometric: something is symmetric if you can fold it in half and both sides match. But the concept of symmetry extends far beyond shapes on a paper.

What Makes a Good Infographic?

As content creators, infographics sit at the intersection of practically everything we do. They combine a research project, a writing project and a design project all into one final product. If done well, infographics can serve as an efficient...
Inspiration vs. Plagiarism

How To Take Without Stealing

In this article, we explore the blurred lines between Inspiration & Plagiarism. Drawing on lessons from the famous Pharrell, Robin Thicke, and Marvin Gaye example, we discuss what it means to be inspired by something...
What is Branding Blog Cover

What the Hell Is Branding?

Branding is the process of shaping the consumer perception of a brand. But what is a brand you may ask? This article will teach you the basics on what a brand is and what that means about the process of branding.
Selling on Amazon: 5 Tips For Beginners

Selling on Amazon: 5 Tips For Beginners

Are you trying to sell your products on Amazon? This article offers five tips for people who are having trouble getting their products to sell successfully. Learn from our experience!
CBD Box and Label Visual Guide

CBD Box and Label Visual Guide

Outlining the main requirements for CBD boxes and labels. Interactive 3D diagrams make it easy to understand the basics and explore the layout. Free Box and Label Templates available for download.

How Consumers Behave During A Crisis

How and why are consumers spending their money right now? Why do consumers rush out to buy toilet paper when a global crisis is emerging? We take a deep look into how crisis...
Integrating Science and Art

Integrating Science and Art

A new approach to innovation integrates the science, engineering, design and art instead of compartmentalizing them. This new framework will change the way you think about the science and the arts.
Explaining the California Consumer Privacy Act

Explaining the California Consumer Privacy Act

In late June, 2018, California passed a Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), AB 375, that went into effect January 1, 2020. Learn more about how this may effect your company when it comes...
cbd and cannabis marketing overview

An Overview of CBD and Cannabis Marketing

Marketing within the ever changing regulatory space of the cannabis and CBD industries is no simple task. It's time to learn the basics! Looking for help in CBD or cannabis marketing?
root your content in quality research

How to Root Your Content in Quality Research

Finding unreliable or sensationalized information on the internet is way too easy. It takes a bit of practice to dig up reliable sources and identify the misinformation. Here are some tips...
How LinkedIn Created a Platform That is Based on Content

Strictly Business: LinkedIn’s Success with a Social Media Platform for Professionals

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has transformed into a content powerhouse that is able to organically attract business professionals and provide...
What Content Writers in the Cannabis Industry Need to Know

What Content Writers in the Cannabis Industry Need to Know

Learn the essential rules for writing content in the cannabis and CBD industry. A few basic writing skills include being up to date with new regulations, performing quality...